Orit Tamir, Ph.D.
Professor of Anthropology, Department of Behavioral Sciences
New Mexico Highlands University

This charming short novel takes us through a full life circle journey of Kumi from his boyhood as a Lakota boy through adulthood, to old age.  Kumi's journey of stories provides life lessons -- Native American style.


Tracy Roberts
Write Field Services

Today the planet and its species face a myriad of problems that include: global conflicts, famine, global warming, depletion of our natural resources and the extinction of species.  Many people are wondering what the future holds.  As we look to create solutions through technological advancement, we often neglect our history. We do not consider the lessons we can learn from the history of various cultures. 

Author Antoinette Sarcinella reaches into her Native American Folklore history to create a children's story presented as an ancient lesson of wisdom to help with today's world problems.



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